Friday, February 11, 2011

Giveaway: 2 Moonlit Hairclips...

You all know that I am a lover of super-cute hairstyle accessories for my girls' hair.  Several months ago I became fascinated with folded-fabric flowers, since they are so different than what you will normally find out there.

Susan at The Monkey Moos has graciously donated a gift set of her darling Moonlit clips, complete with gifting tin to give away.

You will note that these beautiful flowers are handmade and carefully folded with the finest materials to get the perfect shape and form for the flower.  There really is no comparison out there, unless you want to pay $50+ not inclulding shipping to order something similar from Japan!

I have four Monkey Moos pieces of my own, and I love them!  In fact, you may have seen them in some of my videos or photos!  Here are the ones I own:
  • Orange Raspberry LargeStarlit Hairclip
  • Blueberry Large Starlit Hairclip
  • Chocolatey Lemon Medium Starlit Hairclip
  • Pink Pinkleberry Medium Moonlit Hairclip
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Entry Qualifications:   The deal for the giveaway is that you get to choose the two medium Moonlits that you want!  You are absolutely going to LOVE these! Your ability to win is entirely up to you!  Complete them all for a total of 5 chances to win!
  1. Follow The Monkey Moos on Facebook. {1 entry}
  2. Follow The Monkey Moos blog.  She is currently offering a special "freebie" with a purchase. {1 entry}
  3. Add our button (from right sidebar) to your blog or website [or if you already have].{1 entry}
  4. Write a new review of one of our hairstyles on your blog or website, linking back to {2 entries} 
Important! Please remember to leave a separate comment here for each entry specified above. As always, this contest is open to everyone and we will be accepting entries for this giveaway until 12:00 midnight the night of Wednesday, Feb 16th!

For those of you who cannot wait to get your hands on these Moonlit clips, Susan has offered a 5% off coupon to all of our readers who buy directly from the site.  (These orders will be without the gift tin, but nicely packaged, so please use the coupon code AAD5NoTin during checkout.  The coupon code is only good through Feb 16, so take advantage of it while you can!)

Good luck, and Happy Hairdoing!